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Lintbase is npm for linters.

Instead of searching disparate GitHub repositories and package READMEs for relevant linting to apply to your codebases, we aggregate thousands of linters in one place, exposing rich information about lint rules and configurations in a standard format.

We are currently focusing on ESLint for JavaScript/TypeScript/Node, but will later expand to other linters and languages.

For ESLint plugin authors, we also recommended setting up eslint-doc-generator to improve the documentation files stored inside your repository.

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Why linting?
Improve app quality

Automatically enforce best practices and detect common mistakes, reducing bugs and improving product reliability.

Boost developer productivity

Supercharge your workflow with instant feedback and shorter development cycles.

Stay modern and up-to-date

Detect and automatically fix usage of deprecated syntax to facilitate dependency, framework, and language upgrades and security patches.

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